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Looking for silk lined gloves? We have been selling premium handmade leather gloves since 1998. All our leather gloves are handmade in Italy by family-run companies with good working conditions. Italian leather gloves are famous for their outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

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Leather Gloves with Silk Lining

Leather Gloves Online offers a luxurious collection of silk-lined leather gloves that are perfect for any occasion. Our high-quality silk lining provides superior warmth and softness, making them the perfect accessory for colder weather. Silk is a premium material known for its softness, sheen, and durability, making it a popular choice for luxury garments and accessories like silk-lined leather gloves. Unlike synthetic materials, silk is biodegradable, and it completely decomposes when thrown away. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option compared to materials like plastic, which can linger around for hundreds of years. Our silk-lined leather gloves are handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen, using the finest materials and executed with care and precision. With various styles and colors available for both men and women, you can choose the perfect glove to suit your needs. With over 300,000 pairs sold since 1998 and 30,000 positive reviews, you can trust in the quality and satisfaction of our products. Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe this season with our silk-lined leather gloves.

Handmade in Italy

At Leather Gloves Online, we take pride in our unique production of handmade leather gloves in Naples, Italy. Our gloves are crafted using traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen with a long tradition of glove making. The quality of our leather gloves is unmatched, making them a worthwhile investment that will last for years. We believe in sustainability, and by producing long-lasting high-quality gloves, we're encouraging customers to buy less and buy better. Supporting family-run businesses like ours is an investment in quality, durability, and sustainability. Choose our handmade leather gloves from Italy for the best quality, style, and craftsmanship.

Handmade in Italy